The Shop at the domaine

Located inside the tasting room, the shop offers a vast choice of organic wines from the proprety and lots of excellent products from the Ardeche


Our winery has been selected to join the network of Ardeche’s « Savory points of interest »


All the products that we offer bear the organic label or the local collective brand « Goûtez l’Ardèche », a garanty of origin and quality.

Here is what you can find at our place :

• Salted meats (saucissons, terrines with mushrooms, blueberries…)
• Cheeses (organic sheep cheese, goat cheese, cow cheese)
• Chestnut based products (AOC Chestnut from the Ardèche : chestnut creams and jams, chestnut flour, chestunt liquor…)
• 100 % natural fruit juices (apricot, apple, peach, pear, blueberry…)
• Alcohols (eau de vie, pear, rasberry, grappa, prune…)
• Organic ice cream from "Terre Adelice"
• Fruits jams and preserves
• Snail products (snail butter…)
• And several other tasty specialities…