Work in the fields


Owned by the Pommier Family since 1780, the house saw seven generations of farmers taking care of the land, imprinting their path in the original building. Dating from 1630 AC, the main part of the house was bought by Auguste Pommier under Napoleon Time.



Agricultural barns and cellars have been added through time and generations giving a real Provencal charm to the domain. Working some traditional Ardeche crops, the domain started very early to cultivate vines, elaborating quality wines.  At the end of the 19th century, the crop of silk worms added a lot of complementary buildings to the winery, including many chimneys still found in the rooms.


In 2004, Rachel and Raphaël, current owners of this family patrimony, decided to renovate the bedrooms of the main building. Working with old materials in a traditional way, they brought life back into the house, respecting history and traditions. Today, guests can stay in one of 5 traditionnal provencal bedrooms, in a peaceful country environment.