Notre Dame de Cousignac, Organic Winery and Bed & Breakfast, 100% Nature...


The Guest House

Located on hillsides overlooking the Rhone Valley, The winery guest house welcomes you all year around.

Hospitality is a warm tradition from the Ardeche, it's the credo of our House !


The Bedrooms

Rachel and Raphaël Pommier invite you to regenerate at Notre Dame de Cousignac, using the authentic family bedrooms of the winery.


The shop

Located in the tasting room of the Domain, the shop offers you all year around a vast choice of organic wines and savory products of the Ardèche terroir


Culture & Leisure

The Ardèche is a land of adventure that takes one out of oneself. It's also a place for relaxing and leisure where families can satify all their athletic interests